Questionnaire About Hypertension 1

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The term Health shows the complete physical, mental and social well-being of an individual or of a society. Health does not only mean the absence of sickness. It also implies the capability to recover and to rebound from any illness or difficulty. To maintain an optimal health and to live a healthy life style is the dream of many, but only few of the … Read More

Questionnaire About Hypertension 2

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Health is not only the absence of sickness . Health means to be well and to feel great spiritually, mentally and physically. When you are healthy, there are more change that you’ll recover and rebound from any sickness. Although many would like to achieve and maintain the finest health and to live a healthy lifestyle, only some people succeed. This is because they take … Read More

Quiz About Wellness 2

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LET’S CHECK HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HEALTH, FITNESS AND DIET  Everyone strives to have a healthy and fit body, but it is not that simple to attain. At a certain age bracket you need to assess your lifestyle and your diet. For that you need to have some basic knowledge about what you are eating and how you are consuming that. You … Read More

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