Best Yoga Mats for Men

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Practicing yoga is one of the finest things to do in this quarantine time. Yoga practice can provide us a positive break from this unwonted time and unhealthy lifestyle. If you are a busy person then this is the right time for you to practice yoga. In yoga practice, women are far ahead of the men. But yoga is now becoming very popular in … Read More

Types of Yoga (Asanas)

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We saw in the previous article about what Yoga means and the various forms of Yoga. In this article we will look into the different types of Yoga from the perspective of Asanas.   The word Asana comes from Sanskrit and it means “posture”. Asanas include positioning your body in a certain way and focusing on specific muscles and joints. This helps in getting … Read More

What Is Yoga?

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Yoga literally means “Union”, and it is used in the context of “Union with God”. First let us clear the misconception about God. It doesn’t mean an entity sitting somewhere, watching over you and deciding what to do with your life.   God is the substratum on which the world exists. If our Universe can be compared to a painting, God is like the … Read More

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