Worst Calorie Bombs At The BBQ

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[ad_1] It’s no secret that Americans love grilling: 80 percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. 60 percent of those households use the grill all year. For the other 40 percent, spring and summer are prime time, and no wonder: A backyard cookout is one of the most affordable and fun ways to … Read More

Exercising Sore Muscles: Should You Work Out?

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[ad_1] 30 minutes of daily activity heats up your metabolism and keeps your body burning calories.1 That’s why Nutrisystem recommends regular exercise as an essential part of your weight loss plan. But when you’re just starting a new workout program or when you exert yourself more than usual, you might experience sore muscles—maybe enough to make you want to skip a day or two … Read More

Red and White Canada Day foods

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[ad_1] by Janice Dixon | Jun 30, 2021 Sweet and Savoury Food Ideas for Canada Day Beyond buying red and white cupcakes or cookies, consider some more tasty food ideas this Canada Day that are delicious and nutritious. There are lots of ripe red fruits around you can take inspiration from – strawberries, raspberries, watermelon & cherries are all ripe to enjoy! Savoury Watermelon … Read More

20+ Healthy Summer Side Dishes

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[ad_1] Show Full Article After what feels like the longest winter in history, it’s official: Summer is here! Many of us will finally be able to safely get together again at picnics, barbecues and cookouts. And besides being able to hug everyone you love again, summer get-togethers mean one thing: Delicious food. Healthy summer side dishes, grilled main courses and fresh, fruity desserts are … Read More

Dementia and Eating Issues | Health Stand Nutrition

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[ad_1] by Oivier Yergeau | Jun 28, 2021 Nutrition and meal support for a loved one with dementia Dementia and eating issues are very common.  Do you have a loved one with dementia that is not eating or experiencing swallowing issues?  For people living with dementia and their relatives and care givers everyday living can become a challenge. Dementia can make it harder to do simple daily activities such as using the bathroom, socializing, cooking and self-feeding.     You … Read More

Eating Healthy and Weight Loss

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[ad_1] Eating Healthy and Weight Loss Americans are eating healthy: Just ask them! According to Live Science, a Consumer Reports survey reveals that 90 percent of Americans think their diet is healthy. However, more than 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So, what gives? For one thing, certain foods can appear healthier than … Read More

10 Safety Rules for Walkers

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[ad_1] A daily stroll is a simple way to turn up your metabolism and burn calories without going to a gym. A 30-minute walk at a modest 3.5 mph pace can work off up to 160 calories (for a 140-pound woman). If you don’t have a pedometer to help you determine if you’re at a going calorie-burning pace, just think about how fast you’d … Read More

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