4 Food That Sound Healthy but Are Actually Not

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Do you know of foods that Sound Healthy but are actually Not?

4 Foods That Sound Healthy but Are Actually NotWhen we come across articles about healthy food there are so many things that we find out about healthy eating and nutritional facts. Our problem is that we tend to think that all healthy nutrition facts we know, due to multiple sources, are true.

These are the same healthy nutrition sources that tell us that bran bread, gluten-free foods and brown sugar are great for weight loss and healthier too. But is it really? Not all foods that you might think of being healthy are in fact healthy. Hence, you really need to get your facts right.


1- Multi-Grain Breads

When you google articles about healthy food to make some necessary diet and lifestyle changes – there is one food item that is always part of the list and that is multi-grain breads.

You find them lining up shelves on the supermarket too.

Multigrain breads, 5-grain bread, 7-grain bread and whole wheat bread; these are some of the most popular ‘healthy food’ options.

But do you know that you are actually being fooled by trusted these high-fiber breads because the grains that are fundamentally being used to make these breads are refined? All nutritional value dies right then and there.


2- Energy or Protein Bars

There is a big trend of energy and protein bars these days. These bars are believed to be such a highly energetic option but are they really? Yes, the oats, nuts and whole grains make them highly nutritional but what about the corn oil, flour, sugar syrups and saturated fat content? This can’t be overlooked at all.


3- Diet Salad Dressings

When we replace our standard creamy sauces with diet salad dressings – we really think that our health mission is accomplished.

After all, you are omitting the cream from your salad and rather opting for a diet low-calorie oil but is it really the case? These oil dressings for salads come with coloring agents, oil enhancers and artificial flavors. All these mess with the nutritional value of the dressing ‘oil’ a great deal.


4- Diet Drinks

How many times have you felt proud of yourself after drinking a bottle of diet beverage? Well, we feel sorry to pop your bubble of fantasy but diet drinks are loaded with just as much sugar as normal drinks. They are only flavored to taste different and you end up thinking they are actually as fresh as promised!Visit our site for more.